Together we can.

Giving back through life-changing experiences. 

Transformational leadership and community engagement and capacity building. 

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Our Team

Our History in Justice Reform and Black Organizing

Our History in Justice Reform and Black Organizing

Our amazing team of 

clergy, ministry leaders and spiritual counselors


subject experts, 

everyday residents, 


and property owners are committed to helping our community flourish. 

Guided by moral and ethical convictions we share a bond that works for winning campaigns and building publicly skilled leaders.

LAM is member-led community organization working for racial, health, economic justice through grassroots organizing, leadership development and community-building in Los Angeles, California.

 A team of younger organizers drives part our work  which promotes art, culture and political education as an essential part of re-building the foundation of the Black community.  


Our History in Justice Reform and Black Organizing

Our History in Justice Reform and Black Organizing

Our History in Justice Reform and Black Organizing

Seeing a need for energetic, nonprofit work in criminal justice reform, a group of South Central LA based pastors formed LAM to provide sensible solutions to ending mass incarceration through existing prison ministries.

The day to day business of the church boosts the need for an intermediary 501(c)(3) to handle the administrative details which became standard operating procedures in 2002. 

Changing forever the landscape of human services in Los Angeles and in the Black community. 

Formerly incarcerated  

are today referred to as returning citizens. An entire black organizer movement was birthed by a small group of committed 

men and women from in South LA. 

LAM grows each year in our outreach and community engagement in reentry, violence prevention, public health and justice reform. 


Our Mission

Our History in Justice Reform and Black Organizing

Our Mission

 Founded in 1995, 

Los Angeles Metropolitan Churches is a 

CA nonprofit organization. We are not a church. 

LAM works for racial, social and economic justice through grassroots community organizing and policy-change. 

LAM provides back-office intermediary services to small neighborhood congregations such as: fiscal agent service, program development, technical assistance and education classes. 

LAM facilitates transformational leadership, community development, community research issues that transform the black experience into educational stories and public policy solutions.  

We are training a new generation of leaders. 

We co-sponsor an annual coding competition for high school students with cash prizes. We are survivors and not victims.



Faith in Action!

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Your support and contributions help create jobs, mentor and improve conditions for the poor,  justice involved and those most harmed by the war on drugs. We support homeless women over 50 years old,  homeless families and younger adults.

LAM is a Guidestar Member Charity with Gold Seal of Transparency -