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Each member congregation pays an initial participation fee of $500 - $3,000. The fee is a good faith offering that is used to underwrite the cost of formal leadership training ($1000 cash value for each individual member trained). Each member congregation signs a covenant form as a condition of membership. The covenant is a declaration before God and our fellow members that your congregation will assist in building the organization. Pastors attend monthly sponsoring committee meetings. These meetings are designed to raise foundationjoin1.gif (52459 bytes) support for the project, recruit additional congregations into the organization, oversee the hiring of staff, and define the areas to be organized. 

Participating congregations are required to form a leadership team to oversee the organizing process in their congregation. A leadership team consists of twelve members per congregation. The purpose of the leadership team is to act as the pastor's point persons for the organization. These persons interview members of their congregation to surface issues of concern. Leadership team members are also responsible for producing their congregation to public actions of the organization. Additional responsibilities include recruiting congregational members for action committees and updating their congregation on the work of the organization. Each individual leadership team joins other leadership teams in forming a representative assembly. The purpose of the representative assembly is to plan, host, and oversee the public actions of the organization.

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