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The process by which the organization will accomplish its mission is multifaceted. First, participating congregations, through their pastors, establish intentional relationships between themselves. The purpose of establishing these relationships is to build the internal capacity to move past parochial issues that traditionally prohibit churches from working together. The LAM recognizes that a perquisite for receiving the collective power of the Holy Spirit is its ability to come together on one accord.

Secondly, clergy and lay leaders are trained in the fundamentals of community organizing and public ministry. LAM places a heavy emphasis on the development of publicly skilled leaders who understand the nature of building public power through structured actions. The training focuses on such issues as power and its relationship to public ministry; establishing intentional relationships as a basis for power; institutional relationships and how they affect communities; running effective meetings; conducting political and power analysis; contrasting community problems and issues; internal and external fundraising, and the Civil Rights Movement as a model for building church based organizations. 

Upon completion of the first two aspects of the organizational process, empowered clergy and lay leaders initiate the process of healing the land. Evangelism strategies are utilized as a method of surfacing issues to address in the public arena. Structured, public, face-to-face actions are held with key business and political leaders on an issue by issue basis. The purpose of these actions is to explore and develop joint solutions to the root causes of problems in our communities. 

Member congregations clearly understand that only what we do for Christ will stand. Thus the organization requires that all of its actions must be built on biblical principles (Matthew 16:18; 1 Timothy 6:19). Reflection and evaluation sessions are the central components use to insure that our actions are consistent with the perfect will of Christ. Clergy and lay leaders learn to master the art of reflection. Through these sessions member congregations learn the importance of observation, participation, and study. They also learn the keys to successful public ministry - reflection - action - reflection.

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